J. Marcelo Gangotena

Founder and President
Soccer for Life, Inc.




Parent Programs

The World of Youth Soccer

This seminar provides a general, non-technical overview of the world of youth soccer:
• What is soccer?
• Playing travel/select vs. recreational/house soccer.
• How to find a team for my child.
• Club/team requirements and fees.
• How to deal with the club.
• What are my child’s needs?
• What to expect from the team and what the club/team expects from you.
• The Coach.
• How to support your child.
• Soccer “to-do” list.
• Evaluating soccer camps.
• Questions & Answer


Soccer Fundamentals

The Soccer Fundamentals seminar provides parents with a technical overview of soccer:
• Rules of the game.
• Age group laws.
• Understanding the game.
• Advice on equipment and training aids.
• Soccer terminology.
• Positions and roles (goalie, defense, midfielder, forward).
• Basic coaching strategies.
• How to measure success.
• Before during and after the game.
• Soccer “do’s and don’ts.”
• Question & Answer.


Advanced Topics

Advanced seminars can be developed and customized based on the needs of each group. Possible topics include:
• Nutrition for soccer.
• College scholarships.
• Care and prevention of injuries.
• High school or club soccer?


Seminars last 1-3 hours depending on the needs of each group.
Fees start at $150 per group per session.