J. Marcelo Gangotena

Founder and President
Soccer for Life, Inc.




Youth Programs

Training for Tots

Training for Tots is a fun, non-competitive, developmental soccer program designed for children 3 to 6 years of age. Participants will learn:
• Basic soccer skills.
• Balance and coordination.
• How to follow simple instructions.


Teams & Small Groups

Customized training programs can be developed for teams and small groups. Some objectives could include:
• Emphasis on individual technical skills.
• Development of techniques and tactical awareness for future high school all-stars and young players for soccer tryouts.
• Use of latest coaching methods of modern soccer and street/backyard soccer.
• Individual attention and instruction.
• A fun and enjoyable soccer experience.
• Individual and team evaluation and post-training consultation.

Training will be conducted at the team/group's field.



Mini-camps encompass one week of specialized training to prepare teams for their upcoming soccer season. A variety of programs for the young and inexperienced as well as the select and varsity players are offered according to age group.
• Instruction includes basic techniques such as shooting, passing, heading, trapping, dribbling, and advanced 1 v 1 and finishing skills.
• Tactics covered could include creating space, penetration, support, width, depth, balance (position play), individual and team defense and offense. Focus on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd defender and attacker.
• Special high school varsity and college preparatory circuits for select and/or advanced players.
• Individual and team evaluation and post-camp consultation.

Training will be conducted at the team/group's field.


Please contact Marcelo Gangotena (Mggolazo@aol.com; 703-861-2580) to learn more about pricing for the above programs.